Mobile lightroom presets: iamkoo preset with KSUMMER

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It’s so great when the presets can make the photos are not interesting become a very attractive image. It’s now easier than ever to use our presets with your mobile phone. This is a package only for the summer, with fresh colors and look fun.

This package including 6 presets  for mobile. You can easily use it anywhere, anytime. It’s simple and convenient!

How to use?

1. Go to App Store / Google Play to download Lightroom CC

2. You can watching the tutorial follow this youtube: CLICK HERE

3. Or reading this article in Vietnamese: CLICK HERE

4. You should have Google Drive account on mobile phone.

How to buy?

1. Visa/ Paypal

2. Click the red button for Buy or Support via Facebook Messenger

3. Or email us to:






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